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Driving through highways and byways in recent years, I have come across some vehicles with awesome graphics that have been both eye-catching and artistic marvels. So professional-looking and precise, the graphics look like they’re custom painted onto the car.

These moving works of art are called vehicle wraps. The wraps are first graphic images printed on an adhesive hi-tech vinyl film, and then are adhered directly to the vehicle. The options for wraps are many; whether a full wrap around every nook and cranny of a vehicle, or a partial wrap for a specific portion.

Vehicle wraps have become red hot for business promotion, and the chief reasons according to industry experts are affordability and effectiveness. The process of printing and wrapping has become easier and cheaper, vinyls and technology have greatly improved, and the attractive graphic designs are a distinctive, captivating way to effectively advertise and promote a business.

Paul Valdstyn, a partner at and Image Digital Printing, says they have definitely seen an increase in the number of vehicle wraps over the past several years. He added, “I think the main reason for this is affordability. The manufacturers have also made it easier for a small sign shop to purchase printing machines capable of producing wraps. This is largely driven by what customers want and expect. Years ago, a typical van had cut lettering type on it and now that just doesn’t attract attention so customers want full color digital images that draw attention like moving billboards.”

Traditional billboard advertising ranges from about $600 to $2400 a month. Compare this to a company van “fully-wrapped” price of about $3500 — with a high-quality wrap that can last up to five years — and it’s easy to see how cost-effective vehicle wraps can be. And a wrap typically generates about 8 million impressions in a year. Multiply this by five years and no other advertising medium comes close to the low cost per viewing.

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